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two year old OptiMatchPro® Broodmare Matings

EQUIX's OptiMatchPro® adds a scientific edge to the art of planning Thoroughbred matings. Selection stallions whose body balance, stride traits, and power will complement your mare increases the odds of producing well-balanced foals that will race successfully and sell lucratively at auction.

For over 25 years, EQUIX advisors have assisted breeders plan matings that have produced:

  • Champions and Graded/Group stakes winners.
  • Stakes winners, black-type earners, and state-bred champions.
  • Hundreds of weanlings, yearlings, and two-year-olds that have been sales toppers, the top seller by a sire that year, or returned substantial profits by simply outselling their pedigrees.

Genetic science has shown that a horse's physical measurements are predictable, to a degree, by examining the measurements of that horse's sire and dam. Based upon the heritability of various bone measurements, our OptiMatchPro® program calculates the genetic probability of your mare producing a well-balanced foal when paired with a particular stallion. Our breeding program is designed to identify stallions that will retain a mare's positive structural traits, while correcting areas of weakness.

OptiMatchPro® ranks the stallions within a certain stud fee range, allowing selections to be made within a client's economic guidelines. Our advisors apply pedigree considerations, market appeal, and specific conformation needs.

How it Works

OptiMatchPro® calculates the trillions of possible foals from a particular sire-dam mating. By selecting a random sample of 10,000 foals, the program determines the average predicted Biomechanical Efficiency Scores (BME Scores) for a foal from that mating at 30 and 48 months of age and projects the actual BME Score for the Most Likely Foal™ or Target Foal from that mating. A BME Score is a value that expresses how a horse's body structure works together to produce the most efficient racing motion.

two year old

Broodmare Analysis

After taking structural and cardio measurements, the breeding potential of a mare is evaluated utilizing the OptiMatchPro® program. A mare's ability to produce good foals is determined by how well her structure blends with stallions and how easy her weak points are to correct.

The most consistent producers – mares and stallions – are those whose structure matches well with a variety of physical types within the population.

Our Mare Analysis also gives you the scores on a mare's previous matings and to her covering sire. EQUIX advisors work within each client's guidelines to select the best structural matches from our comprehensive and current stallion database.