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two year old Stallion Analysis

EQUIX measures all new Thoroughbred stallions entering stud each year and adds them to our database. A Stallion Analysis projects a stallion's potential as a sire and is available to stallion owners and managers. Using the OptiMatchPro® program, our advisors test each stallion against proven books of mares varying in size, racing aptitude, breeding ability, and broodmare sire line. The results of the Broodmare Sire Line test give you another angle from which to select and approve mares for your new stallion.

Historically, stallions that match a higher percentage of mares from these books have become the more consistent and valuable stallions at stud today.

Another test EQUIX advisors apply compares a new stallion's structure to those of proven sires. We are thus able to determine potential consistency and class based on which sires have similar biomechanics.