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two year old EQUIX Selection Services

EQUIX offers selection services at all major two-year-old auctions: OBS, Fasig-Tipton, Barretts, and Keeneland. Our service starts at the consignors' training centers in Ocala each February. Our agents make a special trip to watch the two-year-olds train and breeze over their dirt training tracks. The consignors also show us the horses at the barn, giving us a great chance to see them in their own, quiet environment. We continue this approach prior to each sale's breeze show. Our agents arrive several days in advance to watch the horses train at the sales grounds, do barn inspections, and gather as much information as possible about each individual.

EquiTrax™ Motion Analysis

EQUIX stands alone with its EquiTraxâ„¢ high-speed digital video process. Each horse's breeze is analyzed with slow motion and freeze frame technology, allowing us to calculate Stride Length, Stride Quality, Efficiency, and other key variables that have been identified as performance predictors in two-year-olds. These efficiencies are present, regardless of the breeze time. A two-year-old lacking these essential performance-predicting traits is more susceptible to soundness problems and/or distance limitations.

  • Does the individual have the stride length seen in sprinters or distance horses?
  • Is the hind leg placement limiting in spite of a quick breeze time?
  • How is the foot strike timing for the distance?
  • Is the horse landing too early and too hard on the front ankles?
  • Is an imbalance placing too much strain on the knees?
  • Is the action good on synthetic but likely to be less productive on dirt?
  • Will the body position help or hinder the individual's efficiency in a race?

By adding our gallop-out times and real-time observations, EQUIX's approach is the most comprehensive in the industry.

Horses that meet EQUIX's stride criteria are inspected again at the barns and re-evaluated for body structure, conformation, and soundness. The final step is to apply our Biomechanical and Cardio Analysis which gives us detailed projections on racing performance. This multi-tiered approach gives EQUIX clients a complete overview of the horses we select for them.

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Biomechanical Analysis

EQUIX's method is the most complete evaluation of a Thoroughbred at racing speeds. By adding Biomechanics, or structural analysis, to our Motion Analysis, we can predict how the horse's body measurements will influence racing efficiency beyond that initial eighth of a mile breeze. Horses that move with more strength and efficiency have more success at the race track.

Our Biomechanical Efficiency Scores (BME Scores) system is derived from computer models based on 38 Thoroughbred body measurements. These can be taken as early as 14 months and projected through each racing year using genetics based growth curves. Conversely, measurements can be viewed retroactively to determine how older horses developed through each year of growth, thus providing a basis for evaluating broodmares and stallions for breeding.