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Our Goal

  • Select Thoroughbred yearlings that are efficiently built and most likely to reach a high level of racing perfromance.
  • Avoid those yearlings that have biomechanical imbalances that will compromise racing ability.

Equix Racing Analysis

A Racing Analysis is a written report based on the results of the measurement data. For optimum racing performance, a number of key areas in a horse's biomechanics should be balanced and work well together.

  • Are the stride components balanced
  • Is the stride too downhill which places more strain on the front legs?
  • Will the horse have a longer or shorter stride at racing speeds?
  • Will the horse have fluid front leg action or a high, inefficient way of moving?
  • Which racing surfaces will maximize the stride balance and power?
  • Is the individual a sprinter/miler or possess traits seen in distance horses?
  • How will the hindquarters and hind leg porportions influence the horse's running style?
  • Will the individual be quick from the gate or have tactical speed to come off the pace?
  • What Phenotype or model is the horse? There are a dozen physical types that separate the classic runner from the sprinter.
  • At which age will the horse reach its best balance - peaking at two or better at three?

EQUIX's bloodstock agents evaluate all key areas and include an overall grade on potential racing performance.

Yearling Selection

EQUIX Bloodstock Services

Selection Services: EQUIX offers selection services at all major auctions: Keeneland, Fasig-Tipton, OBS, and Barretts. We screen large groups of yearling and recommend racing prospects. EQUIX's agents are highly skilled horsemen with a trained eye for balance, body structure, and conformation. We also study the sales catalogs on pedigree, racing history, and potential selling price. EQUIX selections are made to fit each client's racing program.

Private Consultations: EQUIX evaluates yearling owned by our clients. Applying the same methods used at the sales, our advisors evaluate your yearlings' racing potential. Our detailed Racing Analysis will help you make training decisions, selling decisions, or set your reserves at auction. By evaluating your yearlings and identifying their strong points and weak points, you can make better breeding decisions to optimize your Thoroughbred investments.